Updating split level home

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Updating split level home

A large bay window is ideal if you’re hoping to achieve a Colonial look. Extend your dining room into the outdoors by replacing the existing door with sliding glass or French doors.

Regardless of the type of windows you choose, allowing natural light to flow into the room will make it appear larger. It also brightens the interior of the home and provides a more spacious feel.

These homes offer tremendous opportunities for expansion and contemporary styling. Most split level homes have walls separating the kitchen, dining room and living room and low ceilings that make the living room feel closed in.Building a deck or screened room off the dining area will provide a place for an additional table and chairs and increase the space available for entertaining.Beautify the deck with a trellis and vertical garden to create a relaxing environment. Move one of the walls in the kitchen back to create additional space in your kitchen.New front doors, wood shingles, wood shutters, square post columns, and a painting technique called “German Smear” completely transformed the look of this cape cod!Removing trees and a few windows made a huge difference to the curb appeal of this southern charmer.

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