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The instrument is played by compressing or expanding its bellows, while pressing buttons or keys, causing valves called pallets to open which allow air to flow across strips of metal called reeds that vibrate to produce sound inside the body, which then escapes through grilles.

There are three major types of accordion: the diatonic button accordion, the chromatic button accordion (sometimes called a bayan), and the unisoric chromatic piano accordion.

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The flutina is an early precursor to the diatonic button accordion.Technical description: Compass 3 octaves, apparently F₂ to F₅. Outer box for reservoir bellows extensible into playing position. Main bellows with 4 folds, reservoir bellows with 1 fold.The term squeezebox (also squeeze box, squeeze-box) is a colloquial expression referring to any musical instrument of the general class of hand-held bellows-driven free reed aerophones such as the accordion and the concertina.Around this time, JAT was also well-known as a music publisher, and included in their catalogue were many arrangements for guitar of works by Mendelssohn and other contemporary composers which were almost certainly performed at the concerts that JAT sponsored in the auditorium within Crosby Hall itself.The banjo had appeared on the scene by this time, and a price list still exists showing the Bishopsgate address and another shop at 39, Oxford Street, W.

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Indeed, many European conservatories and universities regard it as a serious concert instrument, and allow it to be studied at the same level as a piano or string instrument.

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