Dating pottery shards christian scientist dating

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Dating pottery shards

These 18 Pottery and Flint Identification Sheets were produced to help Leicestershire and Rutland Fieldwalkers identify the finds they collect.

Many pottery guides are text based and contain a small number of illustrations, however, these sheets are colour photograph based so users can see and easily recognise their finds.

You are welcome to request that we contact you after the pretreatment to discuss options for AMS dating.

Dating clay-based materials like ceramics recovered from archeological sites can be time consuming, not to mention complex and expensive.

All sheets except the one on flint have been put together by fieldwork member Andy Kirkland.

The flint guide has been done by Brian Burningham and is ten pages long, all other sheets are one page.

The chemically bonded water, in the form of hydroxyl groups (single atoms of hydrogen and oxygen bound together), forms water vapor and evaporates.

“When you do that, you mimic what the sample was like when it was originally fired,” says Bowen. Over the next several weeks, the ceramic will react with water in the air and gain weight.

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Please make sure to indicate on the data sheet if the sherd needs to be returned.

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